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Best time to visit Kenya safari

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Kenya is a magical country that lies on the Equator, which is why it is the best travel destination throughout the year. Choose your time for travel according to what you would like to see and do in Kenya. Here are the advantages that the country has to offer by month:

January to March:

This time of the year lies in Kenya's dry season. the weather is generally sunny with short rain periods here and there. It is a great time to experience a peaceful holiday, as there are fewer tourists in the National Reserves. Why visit Kenya from January to March:

  1. Privacy in the Parks and Reserves

  2. Easy to spot wildlife, because the bush is thin and animals gather around water

  3. Great weather

  4. Fewer bugs and mosquitos

  5. less wind on the coast, which makes the ocean calm and clear for many activities on sea - (Scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, jet ski rides, dolphin spotting, whale spotting, trips to islands, swimming...)

  6. lower prices

  7. Cheaper flights

April and May:

These are the rainy months in Kenya. The wildlife thrives and enjoys the fresh green grasslands. These months also offer you a great amount of peace in the Parks, as high season has not just begun.

  1. Excellent bird watching

  2. Not many tourists

  3. Green grasslands and thick forests

  4. Great photography

  5. Cheaper flights and accommodation

June to September:

This time of the year has little to no rainfall. The bush is less dense and is easier to spot game. In the Masai Mara, July to September is also when the Great Migration is most active. These are the busiest months, but the best time to experience millions of wildebeest crossing the Mara River, from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara. Pls just note, that from July to September is peak season. Safari Lodges can be overcrowded and prices are at premium rates and can be overwhelming, especially in more popular national Reserves like Masai Mara, Amboseli, and even Lake Nakuru.

  1. Great weather and temperatures

  2. Easy wildlife spotting, due to thinner bush and gathering around the water

  3. Great Migration

  4. Amazing scenario

  5. Great for Photography

Downsides: Crowds and high prices!

October to November:

We consider these months kind of a hidden secret - you can escape the crowds and high prices, yet see plenty of wildlife! The start of the early short rains. Short rainfall may occur in the afternoon hours. Nature and plants sprout and become a green paradise. Migratory birds flock to the area in symphony with the rest of the wildlife. This is the best season for bird watchers and bird photographers. The high season drops at this time of the year, which brings back peace and quiet to nature. Many animal species birth their children, you're likely to see plenty of born babies in the wild, with plenty of predator activity.

  1. The Great Migration has passed, but there is still plenty of wild residents

  2. Wildlife birthing season

  3. Bird watching season

  4. Short green grass

  5. Plenty of wildlife

  6. Predator action

  7. Hidden gem months

  8. Lower prices of accommodation and flights


December in Kenya is another fantasy month to experience lushed green nature and Christmas vibes. The weather is warm and reasonably dry. Crowd sizes increase, but are still manageable. The national parks are green and full of wildlife action. December is great for visiting all parts of the country. The beaches are white with a calm ocean, full of fun activities and events happening. On safari, you will experience excellent game drives and bird watching too.

  1. Green nature

  2. bird watching

  3. Plenty of wildlife

  4. Christmas Spirit

  5. Coastal events

  6. Beginning of the kitesurfing season

  7. Reasonable prices

  8. Premium weather

We hope that this blog has helped you choose your time for travel to Kenya.

Eyes on Africa Safaris is always happy to host you all year round ♡

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